Met a Lovely Bag

The 11th grader are “studying at home” today. That’s how my school said it hahahaha but, who will study at home when you can finally have your freetime ? And you know what.. I woke up at 12 pm ! I slept about 13 hours ! I kinda feel like wasting my holiday time for sleep …

Anyway, I went to the bank today. I’m having my own bank account *yey*
The line is so damn loooong. I waited about an hour and a half ! *sigh*

By the way, yesterday me and 9 friends of mine went to the mall to watch Robocop. Well, my friends say the movie is not really good… I think the film is just okay. A few days before, I went to the mall, accompany my friend, Claudia, to buy clothes. While me and claudia went inside to a store , I saw a bag that I love. But you know what, I’m the type of person that hardly to spend money on things that I don’t really need (even if I love it). Soo, I don’t buy it. When I finally home, I kept thinking “should I buy that bag?” And finally, yesterday I decided to buy it 😀




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