Why ?

Lately, I’ve been wondering why people can’t just say what they want to tell us, straight to the point instead of long long talk ? like for example, when I ask someone “Have you done your homework?” The simple way to answer it should be “Yes I already done my homework” or “no, I haven’t done it” . It’s just that simple, that easy. But why most people choose to answer with longer sentences ? like “well, last night I ask my big brother to help me do my homework. But he was busy at the time. So, he helped me this early morning to get it done” blablabla and so on.

Sometimes , we have that moment in hurry to get quick answer. But most people just don’t get it. They keep talking about things that, actually we don’t ask and we don’t need to know. I know, I know…  we, people, are trying to have a conversation, a small talk. But still, we have to see the situation right ?

And about attitude. One day, I have this group task from school. and of course, I want this task to be finished soon. But apparently, my other group members are not in the same track as mine. They like to play around and there’s a lot of chit chat. I mean, I know a little fun and entertainment when we did our task is good. But too much fun.. is not good. We need to know when the time to have fun and when the time to be serious, right ?




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