Why You So Calm ?!

On my junior high school, I got a group task to make a wall magazine. I don’t remember what the topic is.

We made the wall magazine soo good (based on my opinion). My dad was helping me, of course. hahahaha My dad framed the wall magazine and gave small lights in it using battery. When my group brought it to school, everybody wanted to see it. It made us proud, honestly.

That day, we had arts class so we had to leave our classroom, and of course leave the wall magazine. And when we came back, *poof* it was broken.

I was the first person to know that. Then I told my group and they got really pissed off and started to ask who did this. I, on the other hand, calmly asked is there someone who bring glue. And then immediately tried to fix the wall magazine.

Many of my friends asked me, “how could you still so calm ?” People, the answer is, I already expected it would happen anyway. I know it would happen somehow. I already brace myself if it’s really happening.

I usually think forward. Think about the worst situation I would face, so I’ll be ready for it.

I know we should be optimistic, but hey ! Bad things happen too


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