Last holiday I went on a trip to Semarang and Yogyakarta XD

It was my first experience to go to a far place using a car ! hahaa (It takes about 12 hour, if there’s no traffic)

Sooo, here is some of pics of my holiday…

1. Borobudur Temple



I didn’t take a lot pict there. Too crowded ><


2, Near the Merapi Mountain (?)

I don’t know the exact location ! HAHA 


Merapi Mountain before sunrise




This one is at a small Merapi Museum. It’s actually one of the villager house. His house is broken because of the eruption of Merapi mountain on 2006 and then decided to make his house to be a museum. Fortunately, the lava didn’t get into the house, but the ‘hot smoke’ is (I don’t know if they called it hot smokes in english. In Indonesia, we called it ‘awan panas’)

That clock right there, shows when the hot smokes reach the village. It melts and sticks to the wall!

3. Javanese Edelweiss


I bought this near the museum. Very pretty.

BUT when I got home, I just found out it’s supposed to be a protected species

I feel guilty… I didn’t mean to support the ‘selling rare flower’ business 😦


Overall it has been a wonderful experience for me !





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