Sharpie Glass Designs Idea

Hi guys !

Lately I’ve been into DIY since I’m re-decorating my room through out June up until now hahaha

So, last month I went to IKEA and found this amazing scented candle (the brand is SINNLIG). There a lot of fragrant choices, and I chose the apple one. I’ve never bought scented candle so before. So it’s a whole new experience for me hahahha 😉

Since  I bought small scented candles so I figure I’ll need the candle holder also. So I got this pack candle holder glass for around 20.000 IDR (it’s around $2), and then I draw on it hahaha

I use Sharpie fine point for this project. I know I should’ve use Sharpie oil based paint marker but since sharpie is expensive around here, I thought “screw this, I’m not gonna wash the glasses anyway”

If you want to do it right, you should use sharpie oil based paint marker to make it permanent. Make sure the glass surface is clean. I research and found it should be in the oven after you’ve done the drawing. Be sure to let them dry for a good length of times before baking. Place them in the oven before you heat it up (350F for 30 minutes), and allow them to cool with the oven as well. Dont open the door. 🙂

I haven’t tried it myself ’cause I don’t have the oil based sharpie :/ But people said it works so why don’t you give it a try 😉

So that’s why today I’m only gonna share the design that I made on my candle glasses 🙂


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